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Story & Ideology

Bose Clinic was established in early 1930’s by Late Dr R N Bose, a highly experienced and respected doctor of the Indian Railways, who had served extensively in pre-partition Bangladesh. Upon his passing in 1967, his son, Dr Sunil Kumar Bose took over the running of the hospital. From a 10-bed hospital in the late 1960s Bose Clinic grew into a multi-speciality hospital within a short span of time. In 1991, with the opening of Bose Diagnostic Centre, Dr Sunil Kumar Bose fulfilled his dream of providing complete and holistic medical facilities for the people of Dehri and many neighbouring towns and villages.

Today, Bose Clinic is a name synonymous with quality and trusted healthcare. The team of specialists, doctors and support staff at Bose Hospital have been the pillars of success of this magnificent facility.



Bose Clinic is an 80-bed multi-speciality hospital equipped with a state-of-the-art OT, OPD, Pathology Laboratory, Pharmacy, Government approved and recognised Blood Bank, Intensive care unit, Pharmacy, Radiology, General wards, private rooms and isolation wards for infectious diseases. The hospital also offers Day care services with well-equipped post- operative facilities.

The OPD capacity per day is 100-150 patients per day, approximately 4000+ per month. The wards within the hospital include:

• ICU Ward
• 4 General Wards,
• 1 Women’s Ward,
• Emergency Ward
• Private Rooms,
• 1 Burns Unit
• 1 Isolation Ward for infectious cases (consisting of 8 rooms).

The Hospital consists of Multi-storied buildings spread over 2 acres of land (under commercial classification) with total built up area of 65,000 sq feet. Classification of this is as follows:

– Two double-storied residential buildings for Doctors and their families are located within the complex.
– Hospital built up area of 7,000 sq.ft. (Ground + 1 structure)
– Dispensary & Female ward built up area 2,800 sq.ft. (Ground +1 structure)
– Diagnostic centre built up area 2,700 sq.ft. (Ground +1 structure)
– Labour & Female ward built up area 1,200 sq.ft.
– Residiential /Doctors building One: & Doctors building Two: 4900 sq ft

Bose Clinic is staffed with a team of well qualified medical practitioners who are committed towards upholding the decades old legacy of the hospital. Dr S. K. Bose and his team of medical practitioners regularly offer free and subsidized care to many patients. Needless to say, Bose Clinic has built immense goodwill in the community.

Other Services include:

  • Fully equipped, computerised Pathology Laboratory.
  • A Government approved and fully recognised Blood Bank
  • Fully stocked Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy with trained physiotherapists

OPD Hours

Monday to Saturday:
10AM to 1PM and 6PM to 9PM
Round the clock Emergency Care


Bose Clinic
+91 9430997601